Project Description


There is no question that E-Commerce has changed the way business is done across numerous industries. The challenge for many is streamlining multiple web portals into a single accounting & operations software.

Introducing Mobility E-commerce

For those using SAP Business One, Clients First Business Solutions has partnered with Mobility to provide a strong option connecting both. This allows you to organize the different websites you sell on, while directly linking to your ERP system.

As a result, everything is coordinated under one roof, no matter which website you’re using or the individual sales volume. The result is a scalable solution which can handle a wide range of web channels your business sells on.

If you have Production Cycles for specific items, Inventory requirements or want Demand Forecasting, all are accommodated for. Your entire sales history and other pieces of information are linked between both, creating the best synchronization for everything involved.

Website Specific Settings

Some companies often use a variety of websites to sell their product to customers and often each site has specific setups. Under “General” and “Marketplace” attributes, you have all the different key functions inputted to allow you to organize your items. Allowing you to sell on whichever major websites are supported.

If one of them updates their settings, it goes direct to your E-commerce and ERP systems to allow you to make them. These automatic updates allow for immediate continuation and prevent issues from affecting your sales channels. Fused together with your SAP Business One solution, this offers the best of both worlds and allows for a more integrated platform for your firm.