SAP Business One Pricing

What is the price of SAP Business One? The short answer is $56 per user per month for a Limited License and $108 per user per month for a Professional License. For all the licensing details, types, and information you can download a copy of our licensing guide.

SAP Business One Price (The Real Answer)

There are numerous factors that can affect the cost of purchasing and implementing an ERP system, and SAP Business One is no exception to that. We recommend reaching out to one of our experts to walk you through the entire licensing selection and purchasing process, including database type (HANA or SQL), hosting options (Cloud, On-Premise, Co-Located), implementation services, integrations, custom development, and any add-ons you may require. That said, we understand not everyone is ready to talk to someone in sales, or even sure if SAP Business One would be a fit for their business. That is why we are sharing all of the basic pricing and licensing information up front.

SAP Business One Professional Licenses

SAP Business One Professional licenses are “full” licenses, meaning they are able to access (pending security settings) every module and feature that comes with SAP Business One. Additionally, Professional licenses have access to the Software Development Kit (SDK) at no additional cost. As with all B1 licenses, Professional licenses can be purchased as perpetual or subscription licenses. The perpetual license is $3,213 per named user with an additional maintenance fee due each year. The subscription pricing for the professional license is $108 dollars per user per month, with no additional annual maintenance fee.

SAP Business One Limited Licenses

SAP Business One Limited licenses, as the name suggests, are “partial” licenses, meaning they do not include the full suite of features that the professional licenses do. It is important to note that Limited licenses come in three different flavors; CRM, Financials and Logistics. Each of these include a different mix of module and feature permission sets. We’ve included a table below which includes a summary of the license types and which modules they have access to. However, for a full view of which features are available in each license you can download our SAP Business One Pricing Guide.

It is important to note that the price of all 3 flavors of limited users is the same. Additionally, you can switch the type of limited license you have should the requirements of your business/users change in the future. The cost of a perpetual Limited user license is $1,666/per named user, plus an additional maintenance fee due each year. The subscription price for a Limited user is $56/per named user per month, with no additional annual maintenance fees.

Other License Types

While the Professional and Limited licenses will make up the majority of the licenses necessary for most SAP Business One implementations, there are several other license types available which may be attractive options depending on your business’s requirements. These licenses include mobile app only users for employees in the field, indirect access for those utilizing B1 data in third party applications and a starter package license for companies who require less than 5 users. You can view the features and licensing costs for each of these licenses in our licensing guide.


SAP License Type

Professional Limited (CRM) Limited (Logistics) Limited (Financials)
Administration Full Partial Partial Partial
Financials Full Printing Only Printing Only No Budget Setup or Cost Accounting
CRM Full Full Partial Partial
Sales Opportunities Full Full Not Available Not Available
Sales – A/R Full Partial View only Sales Quotes Partial
Purchasing Full Partial Partial Partial
Business Management Full Partial Partial Partial
Banking Full Printing Only Printing Only Full
Resources Full Not Available Full Limited
Production Full Partial Partial Partial
MRP Full Not Available Not Available Not Available
Service Full Full Not Available Not Available
HR Full Partial Partial Partial
Project Management Full Not Available Not Available Not Available
Reports Full Partial Partial Partial

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