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Live Webinars Covering Everything Business Technology!

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Join Chris Young, resident ERP and business applications architecture and implementation expert, for live, monthly virtual sessions covering everything technology, data, infrastructure, ERP, Microsoft, SAP and more. You bring the cup of joe, Chris and his team bring helpful tips, training, and knowledge so you can take your business application skills and capabilities to the next level. Whether you are considering a move to innovative cloud ERP or are a seasoned user – CWC is for you.

Upcoming Webinars

Eliminating Your Top 3 Data & Technology Risks in 2022

Thursday, February 10th at 10:00 am

The dust has settled from the holidays and a new year is well underway, but are you prepared to meet the data, technology, ERP, and infrastructure challenges nearly every business faces?

In this Coffee with Chris 2022 kickoff, we’ll breakdown the factors and impacts of these top 3 risks posed to growing organizations, then cover the practical steps you can take in resolving them to protect your business, your data, and your competitive position:
• Inaccurate and Insufficient Analytics
• Ransomware, Disaster Recovery, and IT Security
• Cloud Migration and Adoption

Let Chris and his special guest, Mark Chinsky, help you resolve to march into 2022 with the education and tools that steer you away from danger and straight for success!


Special Event! How to Win the Race in IT Security and Ransomware: Is Your Data Truly Protected?

Thursday, February 24th at 11:00 am

It’s estimated that acts of business-targeted cyber terrorism are growing at a staggering 500% year-over-year. The exponential increase in attacks has cost businesses billions of dollars in ransom fees, lost productivity, legal costs, consumer confidence, and stalled operations. Where traditional disaster recovery strategies focused on natural disasters, now, organizations of every size, industry, and location are susceptible to massive, even fatal, disruption. All it takes is one attack or event, and your business is in jeopardy.

Are you prepared and protected?

This special web event will help you ensure your business is adequately secured against the waves of IT hazards and ready to recover seamlessly from the inevitable! Presented by a 32-year certified IT and ERP expert, Mark Chinsky, this session will cover:
• Various tactics hackers are using, industry targets, and new threats to your business
• Common causes of downtime to prepare for
• Identifying cyberattack pathways
• Ransomware prevention and recovery methods to protect your business
• How to identify the risk areas of your business
• And more!

Every attendee will get access to an exclusive tool that helps you detect your business’s risk level and vulnerable areas so you can start making an action plan to safeguard your organization today. Don’t follow in the footsteps of companies that dragged their feet or buried their head in the sand until it was too late – join this web event and start your IT and data security action plan now!


See That? Visual Analytics Made Easy with Power BI

Thursday, March 24th at 10:00 am

In any market today, you need to leverage and lean on data for fast, informed decision-making that optimizes performance, drives innovation, takes advantage of market opportunities, and gives you a competitive edge. But getting the reports and analytics that deliver the insight to drive the business forward is often veiled in complexity and intimidation, or seems to require scarce resources. Until now.

Join Chris and the team for a comprehensive walkthrough of Microsoft Power BI, the on-demand analytics platform that enables everyone at every level of the organization to make confident decisions with just a few clicks. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use and create visually stunning reports quickly
  • Have a report automatically generated for you
  • Build and share Power BI reports from SharePoint lists
  • Create a data-driven culture with easy-to-use analytics for everyone
  • And more!

Don’t go another day without taking the steps to get the data you need to succeed! Register now!


Unshroud the Cloud: When (and How) Should I Move?

Thursday, April 21st at 10:00 am

In a climate of growing remote workforces, data security threats, capacity shortages, and unrest in the supply chain, you can’t afford to ignore adopting a cloud-based business management solution any longer. Let Chris and his team guide you through the most cost-effective, least disruptive way to move to the cloud and help you develop your personalized migration plan.

Get that coffee pot fired up and join us as we unshroud the cloud! We’ll cover:

  • The primary drivers and factors behind cloud migration
  • How to identify the best timing for your business to upgrade to cloud ERP like Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
  • Defining your business needs before investing in any new technology
  • Cost and resource considerations in moving to the cloud
  • First steps in mapping out your personalized cloud migration plan, and more!

Cloud technology is becoming the practical and affordable way to scale your business through all stages of growth. You won’t want to miss this one. Register now!


Previous Webinars

It’s Closing Time!

Thursday, December 9th at 10:00 am

When the weather gets colder and the holidays draw near, it must be getting time to start closing out the year. From reconciliations to retained earnings by dimension, this webinar packs more Business Central year-end tips than we have room to mention. So, grab your coffee mug and fill it to the top while you see these BC closing beats that Chris is going to drop:

  • GL, AR, AP, and inventory reconciliation
  • Exchange rate updates
  • Process / post unrealized gains and losses
  • Updating user posting dates
  • Closing the accounting periods
  • Calculating the retained earnings, by Dimension and closing the Income Statement
  • Database Cleanup tasks including data retention, user setup, and security


Diving Into the 2021 Business Central Wave 2 Release

Thursday, October 21st at 10:00 am

Ride the Business Central Wave 2 for enhanced productivity and faster user onboarding. This is your chance to see the new release additions and enhancements in action. Check out expanded finance and supply chain features, the closer integration to the Microsoft 365 (Office) Teams application, an upgraded new user onboarding and help experience, and more! Time to prime your coffee pot and take a dunk in the latest BC has to offer.


Managing Your Business Central Data Capacity

Thursday, September 16th at 10:00 am

Data is liquid gold, but how much of it should you store on your BC system? Coffee time! Pour some hot java in that favorite mug, then join Chris and his team for your front-row seat in Business Central capacity management. Learn:

  • What data storage is included with various Business Central licenses
  • How to access and use Business Central’s Capacity page to view and manage storage
  • Best practices to controlling and managing your data to keep the Business Central database running smoothly and performing optimally
  • The capacity and environment add-on options you can use for performance and expansion


The Business Central Change Log

Tuesday, August 24th at 3:00 pm

So, you want to avoid unwanted changes in your system data? Business Central has your back. The change log allows you to monitor and track all modifications and changes made to your database by a user. And while this is a very powerful feature of Business Central, it’s also very dangerous…

How you use the change log can impact everything from performance to the size of your database to costs associated with management. But have no fear, Coffee with Chris is here. Prime that espresso machine, then join the CWC team to guide you on the how-to’s, do’s, and don’ts of using the Business Central change log tool.


Cash Flow Forecasting in Business Central

Thursday, June 17th at 10:00 am

Looking at financial statements to drive business decisions is like driving down the highway looking in the rear-view mirror. Get proactive with managing your working capital with the powerful cash flow forecasting tools built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Break out those iced lattes and join this months’ Coffee with Chris to learn:

  • How to configure and use the cash flow feature in Business Central
  • How to set up a chart of cash flow accounts
  • How to create a cash flow forecast
  • How to analyze future cash flow

Businesses don’t fail because of a a lack of sales or inventory. It’s almost always because they ran out of cash. Don’t miss this session!


What’s New in Business Central: 2021 Wave 1 Release

Thursday, May 20th at 10:00 am

The April release shower brings May feature power! In January, Microsoft announced the planned feature inclusions for the 2021 Business Central Wave 1 release starting in April. Now it’s time to see these enhancements in action. From tighter Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Office) integrations to reporting enhancements, this is your chance to get up to speed with the latest in BC while enjoying that fresh cup of joe.


Reconcile and Repair Uninvoiced Purchase Receipts in Business Central

Thursday, April 22nd at 10:00 am

Unvouchered purchase orders shouldn’t be a struggle. The invoice was received, posted, and paid, but the process skipped an important step, and now those purchase orders will be stuck open forever, impacting everything from your balance sheets to infinite pending inventory cost adjustments. How do you fix this?  What’s the right way? Coffee with Chris to the rescue!

Get your coffee on, then see Chris and his team walk through an example of what happens with purchase receipts that have not been invoiced, and how to reconcile and clean it up.


Business Central Document Management

Thursday, March 18th at 10:00 am

Spring clean and go green! Join this CWC session to get a thorough walkthrough of document management in Business Central so your documents can land where they belong, and you can make another step towards going paperless. Grab that shamrock mocha, then join Chris and the team to learn how to:

  • Save time not having to search for files
  • Remove the pain of losing another document, ever again
  • Eliminate the risk of destroyed documents
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, go paperless, and get green!



What’s All This About Attributes?

Thursday, February 18th at 10:00 am

It’s time to fall in love with Business Central all over again with this often overlooked but invaluable feature – attributes. Elevate your customer service and get better insight into your inventory by assigning attribute values of different types to your items or item categories, which can then be used when searching and filtering. Grab that java and join Chris to learn:

  • How to quickly create and set up attributes in Business Central
  • How to assign attributes to both items and item categories
  • How to use the item attributes to filter and lookup items
  • The different applications and benefits to unlocking this feature in BC

Don’t pass this one up!