Project Description

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP is a brand of Enterprise Resource Planning software. The newest in Microsoft’s Dynamics software family, the product has gone through several versions before becoming Business Central in April 2018.

Originally released in 2016, Dynamics 365 was initially sold in two editions, Business and Enterprise. In July 2017, the product underwent a massive change, in the form of renaming. Under this switch, Enterprise became “Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. At the same time, the separate Business Edition was changed to “Finance and Operations: Business Edition.” All of this was revamped in April 2018, when Microsoft released Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Having a strong presence with many years of experience can be an important aspect in selecting the best software provider. A long history, and continuous product expansion, is characteristic of a company that supports their customers changing needs. As the recent release of Microsoft Business Central ERP has shown, this is an element they embody.

As a dedicated partner, Clients First knows what software solutions are tailored for today’s changing businesses. Learning about a company’s needs is not only critical, but imperative. Finding what solution would be best for your goals and direction is what we’ve adapted ourselves towards.

In an ERP solution, better management of a company’s internal processes becomes an essential aspect of your firm. All of which can provide a simplification of one’s business as they continue to change across various sectors.

With Business Central, it’s possible to organize key financial elements in a similar category across an entire office. Streamlining your budgets, assets and costs, it becomes easier to manage and plan your future. Guiding these differing factors together, it becomes possible to better improve one’s productivity while geared for future goals.

In their new release, Microsoft continues their trend of integrating third-party applications into their software. Previous ERP offerings had included Jet Reports to assist with the financial elements of an organization. In 2018, Microsoft added Oanda, a Canadian firm specializing in foreign exchange software, to their program. Fully integrated with Business Central, this allows for up-to-the-minute currency outlooks around the world. Including historical information and interest rate data, this program is geared for the growing international business.

As companies strive to better manage their organizational tasks, getting left behind is a growing concern. In an increasingly changing economy, creating the most productive and organized enterprise is a major task for any owner. To better control your future successes, whether its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, or another ERP, is an essential addition.