MAS90 or MAS200 SQL MIrroring

MAS90 or MAS200 SQL MIrroring

Sage’s ill-fated MAS200 for SQL isn’t the only way to use SQL Server with MAS.  Sage has apparently stopped development on their old SQL product and its frozen at version 3.7x.

However, the main reason people chose the SQL version is for faster reporting with large datasets.  With DSD‘s SQL Mirroring add-on, you can get the same benefit.  SQL Mirroring real time keeps sql data tables updated with the same data that your regular mas90 tables are updated with.  This means you can simply repoint your existing Crystal Reports to the SQL Server and they will speed up by about 10x!

That also means you can use other SQL features such as views or Business Analytics and Intelligence.

If this is something you might be interested in, please contact us here.

Here is a video my friend Wayne Shulz did at the recent Sage Insights conference