Recently I was working with a client in upstate New York who was having very slow performance posting invoices with MAS 200 and a third party add-in, Jobops.

It was giving no feedback as to why it was taking so long, and it eventually completed the process without error.  However something that should have taken a few seconds was taking 5 minutes. 

Since Sage MAS90 and MAS200 aren’t based on Microsoft SQL Server, there is no ability to use a utility like SQL Trace to see what is going on in the backend.

After doing some research I found a free Microsoft utility called Filemon.  I later found out due to a member of 90minds that it has been replaced and updated by Process Monitor which combines the functionality of Filemon and Regmon into a newer application.

Process Monitor allows you to monitor both the registry and the disk file activity of any Windows XP SP2 or higher machine or Windows Server 2003 SP1 or higher machine


You can basically use this free utility (download it here) to show you exactly what files and/or registry keys are being created, opened, read, closed etc in real time.  You can apply powerful filters to isolate to a directory, a particular file type etc and you can review and search the log at any time.

This utility showed us that what the developer’s tech support thought was the problem, wasn’t.  They felt a certain very large file was slowing down the update but it turned out those files were either not touched at all or were only accessed a few times for a short amount of time.

This utility will pretty much work for any application problem you might have where you can’t figure out what your machine or server is doing at a particular moment.  Hope my experience helps!