How to differentiate between Companies in Epicor

Epicor 9/9.5 is very flexible to meet your corporate structure. You can have multiple databases, multiple companies in one database, multiple plants with in a company, and any combination of the above. A company can also create copy of the production database for testing or for archival reasons. One example of keeping an archival copy is to make a copy at yearend, before all of the yearend adjustments. You could go the archived copy for research.

If security permits, a single person can have access to some or all of the above corporate structure.

To access a database in a multiple database environment, separate icons are created and used.

To access multiple companies in one database you can click on the company in the tree or use Options à Change Company.

To access multiple plants in one company you can click on the plant in the tree or use Options à Change Plant.

Except for displaying the company and the plant on the bottom line of the main menu it is difficult to keep track of where you are. All of the screen use the Epicor blue styling. It is very common to enter data into the wrong database, company or plant.

This can be fixed using styling and themes. Using the Answerbooks below you can change the screen colors to make it easier to determine where you are.

AnswerBook #: 5856ESC STYLING Need a way to distinguish the test and production database

AnswerBook #: 3927ESC STYLING How to setup a Corp Theme and change the Favorites by Company

AnswerBook #: 6153ESC STYLING How to distinguish different plants using style themes.

For more information look at the Styling and Theme Course manual or the Epicor ICE User Experience and Customization Guide.