A very helpful tool to be able to create/edit large quantities of items in the Item master data is to generate an excel file with the information and then import it through the tool that SBO has for it. Since the documentation is rather poor, I’m not sure how to use all of the options, but here is what I have up to date:

Prepare an excel file with the all data you need to upload
It should look something like this:

Column explanations:
A: The item code to be created or edited.
B: The item description
C: The description in foreign language (in case you need it).
D: “I” stands for inventory Item, which is the default for SAP, you can skip this unless you want to create labor code “L” or a travel “T”.
E: Represent the name of the item group
F,G and H, represent a price list data, column F means the price list nº 1, then H means the price you want to set for it, and the last you set the currency (make sure you choose the right currency, and check “rates”).
I, J, K: Represent another set of prices for price list number 5, in this case in Euros
L: Stands for the preferred vendor code.

Then save it as TXT separated by tabs and close excel: it should then look like this when opened with notepad:

Then go to :

And select items on the upper right, then select the fields in the same order as you did the excel file. Check update existing records if you want SBO to edit the existing codes, if you wish only to create new ones and not risk touching existing ones.
Now it should look something like this:

Then click OK (be sure the source file is closed, otherwise an error message will appear).
As you can see there is plenty of possible data that can be uploaded this way:

Also the same way information for Business Partners can be created or edited quickly.

By: Cristian Devoto

Thanks to Ed Monk of SBONotes.com