Sage ERP 100 allows you to enter orders so that more than one salesperson can get commissions calculated for a given order.  It even allows you to offer a sales manager an override percentage.  You split the comission for up to 5 different salespeople on a given order.

When you setup a customer in customer maintenance, you can setup a default salesperson.  When you select Yes to “Split Comm” on the Header tab of the order, this is the first salesperson populated.  Here is a picture:


Sage 100 ERP Sales Order Header


When you select Yes, the Split Commission entry screen opens up.  You can use the search option and selection additional salespeople and the specific percentage of the overall commission that salesperson should get as shown here:


Sage MAS90 MAS200 Commission entry

As you select additional salespeople, the remaining value is automatically calculated such that the commission always brings the total percentage to 100.  Of course you can override that, but in the end, the total must be 100%

Sage 100 ERP Sales Order Header

That’s all there is to it.  Once you fill this in, when the commissions are calculated during invoicing, all will be calculated properly.

We hope this tip helps!