Using Epicor ERP 10 (and 9) in the Oil & Gas Industries

Oil and Gas industry companies often have a diverse set of requirements.  For many ERP systems, meeting all these requirements is either impossible, or requires a multitude of third party ‘add ons’ to close the functional gaps.  Some systems handle field service well, but not assembly or manufacturing.  Other systems may handle manufacturing, but not field service or project based requirements.  Some companies need a combination of many areas.

Actually all energy companies and energy sector companies can take advantage of this technology.  Those in the solar, wind, fuel cell and other sources of energy often need the same or similar capabilities.

Oil & Gas companies often need some or all of the following capabilities:

  • Financial Accounting
    • Multiple legal entities with intercompany billing, ‘arms length’ transactions, consolidations, multicurrency, multi-country, multiple languages etc

  • Manufacturing
    • Engineering the solution
    • Manufacturing the solution or subcontract manufacturing.  In some cases a combination of subcontractors and in house work such as final assembly, testing and shipping
    • Large scale situations where you need to track a project, phases, progress billing, engineering time, sales time etc.   Often you may require government or military tracking procedures such as DOD Flowdown.
    • The ability to do: Engineer to Order, Configure to Order, Make to Order, and Make to Stock all in one system
    • Integrated demand planning and MRP (Material Requirements Planning) to automate and optimize purchasing and production to minimize stockouts and maximize productivity
    • Integrated ‘drag and drop’ finite capacity scheduling to keep your people and equipment utilized most efficiently
    • Quality control that’s integrated including inbound inspection, QC during production and QC on shipment.  This along with serial and lot tracking throughout
  • Distribution
    • The ability to buy and sell products.  This includes buying a product only when you get the order from a customer and making sure you match up a corresponding purchase order and turn it around quickly so you aren’t putting it away and pulling it again right after arrival
    • The ability to drop ship, including handling ‘blind’ drop ship situations so the customer doesn’t know your source
    • Integration with both LTL and carriers such as UPS or Fedex
    • Supplier relationship management including managing RFQ’s, reverse auctions,and vendor performance analysis
    • Integrated warehouse management including wireless management with handheld devices
  • Service
    • Dispatching both technicians and installers.  Options for integrated mobile devices based on IOS, Android or Windows Phone
    • Tracking of both time and expenses.  The ability to use a smartphone to take a picture of receipts and eliminate the manual processing of receipts.  Include multiple levels of approvals where required
    • Manage Maintenance for internal equipment used in your manufacturing or servicing businesses
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • Manage sales opportunities and customer service
    • Get a true 360 degree view of customers and vendors
    • Mobile access to all of this data from almost any device
    • Complete bidirectional integration with Microsoft Office
    • Manage tasks, appointments, conversations
    • True ‘social’ collaboration among employees with our integrated Epicor Social Enterprise platform
  • HCM – Human Capital Management (Human Resources)
    • A comprehensive subsystem for manage all the HR and regulatory requirements for all your employees
    • Track information for EEOC reporting, PTO (Paid Time Off), payroll integration, investment information and employee portals

Epicor 9 and now Epicor 10 ERP support all of the above functional areas of an organization working in Oil and Gas industry and so much more.  Along with this deep functionality it has one of the most modern technical architectures available in order to take advantage of the latest technical advances.

Technology that the Oil and Gas industry can take advantage of includes:

  • BPM (Business Process Management).  This is the ability to develop workflow functionality among the modules, screens and fields to streamline and conform to whatever business processes you require without customizing the source code
  • Nearly 100% Microsoft Technology Stack: .Net Application, IIS middle tier, Microsoft SQL Server Database.  It’s more Microsoft than any ERP solution Microsoft sells.
  • Advanced Dashboards and Business Intelligence – The ability to monitor important information and manage by exception rather than running long reports that are out of date as soon as they are printed
  • XLConnect – Write financial statements and other reports by just using the Microsoft Excel you are already familiar with
  • Information Worker – Bidirectional integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Epicor Social Enterprise for real time collaboration on ERP data
  • Enterprise Search – Google like search for any of your ERP data
  • Drill down & drill around from anywhere to anywhere where data is related
  • True 360 degree view Trackers for seeing all related transactions
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-company, multi-site design.
  • The ability to easily be hosted on popular platforms like Microsoft Azure using common inexpensive hardware configurations
  • Service Connect – The ability to do bidirectional integration with nearly any outside application automatically and unattended
  • Commerce Connect – One of the deepest and best integrated eCommerce platform integrations using the industry standard Magento Platform (owned by eBay)
  • So much more…

So if you are in the Oil & Gas Industry (among many others) contact us at Clients First.  Not only is Epicor built for the functional requirements of your industry, but our extensive and referenceable client base, physical presence in energy states like Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and California make Clients First Business Solutions your goto partner for ERP solutions to your needs.  Just hit the chat button below or or leave a message and we’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.

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