Navision Roadmap Released for 2012 and Beyond

Jet Reports Express for Dynamics NAV

You will now automatically get an ‘express’ version of Jet Reports (the leading Dynamics NAV Report Writer) with the solution.  This express edition is limited primarily to the General Ledger, but is still ideal for General Ledger based reports such as financial statements  If you know how to use Excel, you already know how to use most of Jet Reports.  We have a video demonstration HERE of the full product if you are curious.

Zetadocs Express for Dynamics NAV

With this included solution you can now drag and drop any documents or scanned images to most records in the system.  They will automatically be hosted by Microsoft Sharepoint Online for retrieval anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 7


Due to be released in September or October of 2012 this release will be ready with full cloud deployment, core functional improvements and a “RapidStart’ tool to speed up implementation time and reduce costs.
This release will also include a native Web Client so you can access Navision with just a web browser anywhere.
Much more is described in detail below

Roadmap for 2013-Microsoft Dynamics NAV 8

Also is discussion of the direction for 2013 and beyond.
Here is the full document
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Statement of Direction December 2011