For NAV 2009.  Most are compatible with other versions

For Role Tailored Client and Classic Client

Many of us use our mouse to run NAV.  Especially when we demonstrate or help a client as they can see exactly what we are doing.

However, for power users, its often faster and more convenient to master the use of shortcut keys for frequently used actions

If you’ve been using NAV for a long time, you are probably used to some of these popular shortcut keys (if not all): F3 for Insert New, F4 for Delete, F11 for Post, etc.

You may be surprised to find that many of the keys you got used to are not the same in the Role Tailored Client (RTC).  For example, the first time you hit F4 on a Sales Order Line and find out you get a drop down list instead of deleting the line.

I’ve been using RTC for years and still get the new shortcut keys mixed up with the classic client.

Fortunately Microsoft has put together a nice cheat sheet table with all of the shortcuts side by side.

Whether you are a new users  or a seasoned ‘Navision’ use who recently ‘upgraded’ to RTC from Classic and now feel lost, this chart should help out a lot!

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009 Keyboard Shortcuts by Mark Chinsky