Inventory Control Software – How does it help you manage your warehouse?

Inventory Control Software is computer software and systems that are designed to keep track of the products that you stock in warehouses.  Usually the warehouses are owned by the company, but sometimes they can be third party logistics (3pl) locations as well.  This software usually has a facility to keep track of on-hand quantities, receipts of products and shipments of products such that at a moments notice, users can tell what is available to sell to customers.

Inventory Control Software – Part of a bigger picture

Inventory Management Software in it’s early days was primarily designed to just keep count of inventory.  Companies usually handled order processing, purchasing and financial management (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable) in either manual paper systems or using disconnected solutions.

These systems later expanded to handle Warehouse Management which often means using hand held devices to scan product movement as well as algorithms to optimize the putting away and picking of inventory to minimize the effort required to manage products and thus minimize handling and carrying costs.

Inventory Control Software Evolves

Over time the software solutions became more comprehensive and eventually evolved into what we call Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions.  ERP software has grown to cover almost the entire end to end business cycle of Distribution, Manufacturing and Service businesses.

We will discuss ERP Solutions and their definition in a later blog, but suffice to say, they can be thought of as ‘Inventory Control Software’ on steroids.

Examples of Inventory Management Software

There are a variety of solutions available.  At Clients First Business Solutions, we handle solutions from the top software vendors.  Among them include:

Inventory Control Software – Wrapup

Take time and browse through our solutions for Inventory Management and Control.  You will see that integrated software and hardware solutions will reduce stock-outs, reduce the amount of inventory you need to keep on hand and increase customer service and profitability.  Most solutions will pay for themselves conservatively within a year.