SageCRM Solutions deliver the robust functionality you require to meet your customer relationship management (CRM) needs and the flexibility you demand to accommodate the unique ways you do business. SageCRM is included at no charge when you upgrade to the Executive Enterprise Suite (EES) of MAS90 and MAS200 products. Please contact us for details on the EES upgrade program.

SageCRM is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy on-site CRM software solution with out-of-the-box but configurable business process automation. It provides enterprise-wide access to vital customer information anytime, anywhere so you can better manage your business with an integrated approach to field sales, inside sales, customer care, and marketing.

Starting with version 4.2 of MAS90 and MAS200 ERP products, Sage Software published a link between SageCRM and MAS90 and MAS200 ERP products; this links provide users the ability to access the MAS90 and MAS200 information directly from SageCRM.

The Customer Relationship Management is easy to navigate and uses the powerful features designed for managing relationships with customers and prospects.

Sales Automation
This enhancement allows users to effectively manage, forecast, and report throughout all phases of sales cycle, giving total control over sales processes and resources.
SageCRM provides a snapshot of the sales cycle from first contact to final sale, allowing sales teams to effectively analyze and manage the sales pipeline from within the CRM solution.
To optimize the rich sales automation functionality and marketing and service features, SageCRM has sophisticated configuration capabilities, automated process workflow, as well as computer telephony integration (CTI), Web Self Service, and more.

Marketing Automation
The Marketing Automation enhancement has been developed to provide total control over marketing campaigns by effectively measuring the success of all activities associated with each campaign. This enhancement allows users to improve the return on marketing investments by simply making good decisions based on better information.
Take control of your marketing dollars by automating and tracking every marketing campaign, from one-time e-mail communications to multi-faceted marketing programs. SageCRM marketing automation provides accurate metrics on all of your marketing activities, enabling you to close more new business and capitalize on lucrative cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
With SageCRM, you can target the right customer at the right time, eliminate guesswork, improve campaign management, and put your company’s marketing resources to their best use. Execute more effective campaigns, track responses faster and easier than ever before, and make sound decisions based on what your customers want and how they respond.

Customer Care
The Customer Care enhancement allows the users to manage issue resolution with customers. This enhancement becomes the focal point in keeping customers happy by providing easy-to-manage case resolution features.
With SageCRM, you can make the most of every customer interaction, maximizing business opportunities and customer satisfaction. It empowers your organization with critical information to build and support long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.
With fast online access to service requests, call and escalation history, interactions, multiple contacts, support cases, e-mail, and documents sent and received, you’ll have complete and accurate data at your fingertips. SageCRM customer support automation enables you to quickly resolve issues and easily capitalize on cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.

System Administration
The System Administration enhancement is designed to give you total control over your solution. This demonstration covers SageCRM setup and configuration options such as security, user options, business calendar, document templates, customization, system behavior, key attributes, and more.