You may have seen claims like THIS

In this article, a company claims to offer free consulting for Sage MAS90 and MAS200.  We all know nothing in life is free.  They are simply offering to come out on a sales…um, I mean ‘consulting’ call to tell you what it will cost to upgrade your system…as long as you’re currently with another reseller.  This is something all VAR’s and resellers do, but don’t have the audacity to call it ‘free consulting’.
And to think a real publication picked up this self idolizing propoganda press release as actual ‘news.’  It really must be a slow news day in technology land.
So, it’s just a reminder, anything that is ‘free’ is usually has a hitch.  For example, the claim of 0% financing, (which likely only applies to super cash rich companies that can still get a lease) is simply the software being discounted, something often done today, but that discount is being paid to a leasing company.
Hope this helps clarify things!