Never lose your Android phone and protect its data

Have you ever been jealous of your friends who have an iPhone and their ability to find it easily if it got lost?

Google has been quietly adding functionality to all android phones that are in circulation that most users are unaware of.  Go to .  If you are already logged into your Google account in your browser, you should go right in.  If not, you’ll need your Google credentials you used to setup your phone.  Typically your Gmail address and password.

This site will let you locate your phone on a map, and set it to ring at full volume for 5 minutes while you go hunting around looking for it.

It also has a feature to remotely lock your phone if you normally don’t use a screen lock and even completely wipe it if its truly lost or stolen.  However, to use the lock or wipe function you need to go into your phone’s settings area ahead of time and the location of this varies from brand to brand and version of Android.  Look for Android Device Manager.  Another option is to use the ‘Send Notification’ option on the web page above which will send a notification to your phone.  When you tap on that notification on your pull down, it will bring you to the Android Device Manager so you can enable the remote lock and wipe capability.

If you have multiple devices sharing the same Gmail account such as a tablet, this feature works as well.

Hope this tip helps!  Just another way to practice safe computing.  Just like our EverSafe! Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution for your servers which allows you to immediately recovery from a server crash or complete site disaster in your business.