How to Test your Epicor Customizations against the Business Logic and Business Objects

A little known utility sits uninstalled on your Epicor Server.  In the epicor905/utility folder you will find setup files for a program called “BL Tester” for Business Logic Tester.

When you first run the application after installation, you will have to select which Epicor server you are connecting to.  Then you can click File>Open and select the .dll file for the business object you want to test with.  One example might be Epicor.MFG.BO.SalesOrder.dll .  Then you can use the BL Tester and specify the various parameters and call the business object’s method.

An example might be call ‘SalesOrder.GetRows’, and then specify various where conditions.  After you click the Invoke button, the BL Tester will then show you the result of calling the method, which is usually a dataset.  It will show this in a tree view control

We hope you find this tip helpful!