Avoiding database corruption using Favorites

When you create a Favorite or Shortcut in E9, you are not only pointing to the particular function such as Sales Order Entry, but also to a specific database and company.  This is how you can setup a favorites icon to, for example, open up Sales Order Entry for more than one company from a single favorites menu.  A nice feature indeed.

However, if you copy a database to a new database, the favorites still point back to the original database.

In Epicor 9 through 9.05 the appserver URL is saved for all of the favorites on the favorites tab.

What this means is when you copy the production database, restore that database to the Test database, all of the test Favorites will actually update the production database. This can corrupt the database. You must implement Answerbook # 11422MPS in each database as soon as you start using the Demo/Pilot/Production databases.  Answerbook’s are Epicor’s solutions in their published knowledgebase that is available to all customers on active maintenance plans.

Answerbook 11422MPS gives the detailed steps to create a BPM that will set all of the favorites URL to the current database when the system agent is updated. Since updating the system agent with the correct port numbers is required before using the copied database this fixes the problem.

Hope this Epicor 9 Support Quick Tip Helps!