Epicor 10 Demo Video and Training Site

Epicor 9 and 10 Free Demonstration and Training Videos are now available

Clients First Business Solutions is proud to announce our new site: www.epicor-training.com and linked site www.epicor-demo.com.  This new site contains numerous professional recorded and edited videos for your consumption.  All that is required is a simple registration form to be filled out and approved.  There is no cost and all of your information will be kept confidential and will not be sold to any third party.

Epicor 10, whether you are in New Jersey, Texas, or wherever, you can view at anytime from any place.

The Epicor 10 Demonstration and training site went live with over 15 videos and we are expecting to continue increasing the content on a weekly basis.  You have the opportunity to rank and comment on videos so if you think of an area we have not covered, we’d be happy for your feedback and will take it into account as we create more content.  Anywhere you have a browser, you can view these videos including many mobile platforms such as Android.

Epicor 10 in HD (High Definition) for easy understanding

All the Epicor 10 videos were recorded with high resolution captures and high quality audio feeds.  We’ve all seen too many recorded demonstrations that sounds like a phone call from half way around the world with blurry difficult to see screens.  We do recommend that you use a broadband connection to view these to minimize any buffering delays.

Considering purchasing Epicor 10 or Need Support and Training?

If you are a Manufacturer, Distributor or Service company, you’ll see Epicor 9 videos focusing on Distribution, Job and Production as well as Project Accounting. This site will allow you to see some of the most important areas of the product with the ability to rewind, pause and repeat the videos so you can absorb it at your own pace.  If you already own Epicor its a good way to learn/refresh on key areas, and if you considering Epicor in your ERP selection process, its a great way to decide if it’s worth further consideration.  Even if you have seen a live demonstration, you can’t always recall all of it, and this gives you the opportunity to review.
Sign up and let us know in the comments what you think?