News from Insight 2013 last week in Nashville, Tennessee.

The following Custom Programming will start rolling out next week thru August 2013. These new extensions will be supported by support and will upgrade with the standard Epicor. Many of these extensions have been requested for years as part of standard Epicor. The following is copied straight out of the Insights agenda.

New Industry Extensions for Epicor 9 and Vantage/Vista

Industry Extensions are delivered separately from the core Epicor ERP modules.

  • LockBox
  • Positive Pay
  • Supplier Payments ACH Electronic File Format
  • MICR Checks
  • Cash Receipts ACH Electronic File Format
  • Payroll NACHA Direct Deposit
  • Payroll 3rd Party Interface
  • Handheld Pick to Light (Epicor 9 Only)
  • License Plating (Vantage/Vista only)
  • Lot Driven Forms (Epicor 9 Only)
  • Job Packing Material (Epicor 9 Only)
  • Auto Putaway Bin (Epicor 9 Only)
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) (Epicor 9 Only)

If you are interested in these enhancements, please hit the chat button below and talk with us or leave a message.