Business Intelligence for SAP Business One Among the highlights.

Cloud Offering for SAP Business One

SAP Business One will be launched in the cloud in the first half of 2012.  This marks a significant evolution of the subscription-based hosting program for SAP Business One, which was launched earlier this year in some markets as a first step toward a partner-hosted cloud environment. This offer for small companies will complement the already available SAP Business ByDesign offering for customers in the mid-market segment.
SAP plans to further invest in SAP Business One, making the solution more cloud savvy from a technical and go-to-market perspective, providing you with a competitive cloud offering to expand your portfolio and enabling you to offer choice in delivery options to your customers.
This will allow a choice to SAP Business One users and prospects.  Purchase the software and run it on-site, or ‘rent’ the software and have it hosted off site.

SAP Analytics, Powered by SAP HANA

SAP Business One analytics will provide exciting new analytical functionality including enterprise search, interactive analysis, and reporting as well as new dashboards and the ability to leverage all types of data sources. In addition, it will allow you to offer customers self-service business analytics for their users. All these new capabilities will be delivered with the speed of in-memory computing.
HANA is SAP’s recent breakout success database that allows for companies, of all sizes to slice and dice their data into meaningful information.  By using RAM instead of hard drives, literally billions of records can be analyzed in seconds.
Enterprise search will allow users to search for anything appearing anywhere in the system and see the relevant results instantly.  The best way to describe it is your own private Google for your ERP software.

SAP Mobile Solutions

Given the strategic importance of mobility, SAP will further enhance the development platform for SAP Business One to provide greater opportunity for companies to leverage the open infrastructure for application development. The SAP Store will be much like Apple’s “App Store” where end users can easily purchase add-ins that easily extend SAP Business One’s functionality.