It’s critical that a business understands the flow of cash, both in and out but measuring it often isn’t easy.  Plenty of profitable companies have gone bankrupt due to a lack of cash.  Dynamics NAV 2013 now provides a tool to make this easier.

You can now create a periodic calculation of the forecasted revenues and expenses and their impact on cash to see where your cash balance will be going into the future.  The module allows you to pull in values from the General Ledger, from Order Entry & Marketing, as well as Purchasing and Service modules

You can easily:

  • Set up cash flow accounts the way you want
  • Add actual funds and the budgeted values from the General Ledger
  • Add current payables and any forecasted payables from Purchasing
  • Add current receivables and any forecasted receivables from the Sales module
  • Add current open service invoices
  • Add planned capital expenditures and budgeted and future asset purchases from Fixed Assets.  Perhaps you have to put down $3,000 on a new company van next month.
  • Manage revenues and expenses and integrate them in the cash flow forecast
  • Enjoy easy reporting from the system




Here is a full video explanation and demonstration