Written by Sheldon Kralstein

There is a common myth that professes the achievement of business improvement and return on investment (ROI) by simply replacing or upgrading to newer technology solutions. Achieving real business value and ROI in terms of productivity, efficiency, customer service, competitive advantage, and improved bottom line profits requires much more than technology. It takes three equally important ingredients: People, Processes, and Technology.

People – it takes the right person with the right skill set that is properly trained to leverage the technology and apply it to achieve the greatest benefit.

Process – deploying new technology creates the opportunity to evaluate existing business processes and apply “Best Practices” to achieve a more efficient and streamlined result. It has become common place for a customer to insist that new technology work exactly like the old system and follow the old inefficient processes. What a waste of time and money! This creates little to no return on investment but allows you to tell your employees, customers, and colleagues you have the latest technology. I guess it does provide some psychological value.

Technology – is an enabler that takes good people and marries them to optimized business processes to achieve a result that helps a business accomplish its goals and objectives. Sometimes a business can significantly improve its operation by simply better training its employees and redesigning the business processes. Most small and mid-sized companies focus too much on the technology and ignore the other vital elements.

In challenging times companies become obsessed with price looking for the cheapest software and service without considering the value and importance of People and Process. In the long run these companies pay more, get less, and never achieve benefits and ROI they were promised.

When considering new technology don’t fall into the trap of ignoring People and Processes. Establish measureable success criteria and monitor them throughout the life of the project. Select a technology Partner that understands “Best Practices” and can make a contribution to help you build a better business.