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What’s New in Epicor 10.2?

Monday, February 26th, 2018

What's new in Epicor 10.2

Epicor is getting ready to roll out Epicor ERP Version 10.2 to it’s multi-tenant cloud SaaS customers and will soon make it available to the on-premise population as well.  In preparation for this we have put together this high level list of key new functionality.  It’s not comprehensive as there are hundreds of smaller improvements and bug fixes as well.  The details of all of them will be built into the on-board help.

Epicor 10.2 is a significant release with much request new capabilities helping to further Epicor’s lead, not only in functionality & breadth, but also in technology.  Speak with us about preparing for and assisting with the upgrade to ensure that the upgrade is not only smooth, but also that your team can take maximum advantage of the new capabilities.

Epicor 10.2, Here is what’s New:

  • Mobile CRM for Handhelds
    • A True IOS & Android native client for managing day to day CRM activities on the road with a phone or tablet.
  • Brand new Home Page & Launcher
    • Although the prior ‘classic’ and ’tiled’ views are still available for backward comfort, the new HTML based launcher is completely rebuilt with a fresh look and feel that makes combining traditional Epicor functions and new visuals available in tools like Epicor Data Analytics and Epicor Data Discovery easy.
    • Epicor ERP 10.2 Launcher
  • Additional integrations with
  • Epicor Payment Exchange – Although PayPal’s Payflo is still available, this is a much more exchange agnostic solution to credit card processing
  • New MES Tablet & Handheld Security Screen.  Makes setting up and understanding what your users ‘in the shop’ have access to much easier
  • Integration with the new Epicor Field Service Automation Solution (OEM’d from Hitachi Systems)
  • Improved Mattec integration
  • New Pieces per Cycle and Cycles Per Piece settings for Production Standards in your Operations Settings in Methods of Manufacturing (MOM).  This is ideal for companies who do Metal Stamping and Injection Molding
  •  More work done for Country Specific Localization to ensure Epicor complies with the constant changing legal requirements of international finance
  • Posting Rules Customization Enhancements that makes upgrading to new versions of Epicor far less painful if you’ve modified your GL (General Ledger) Posting Rules
  • Multiple Time Zones
    • If you have Epicor being used across time zones (or in the cloud), you can now have the proper times recorded based on the preference of the users versus the location of the App Server.
  • Password & Security improvements.  Makes it easier for end users to change their own password without admin help.
  • Epicor Data Discovery
    • A comprehensive data visualization solution.  Think of it as Dashboard Charts on steroids.  It’s not designed to be a strategic analytics solution, that is what the new Epicor Data Analytics does, but rather a vast improvement to the current dashboard visuals with full drill down to the underlying data as a tactical solution.  Components of EDD can also be embedded easily on the new Home Page as illustrated above.  It’s run on standard Business Activity Queries so those familiar with BAQ’s will find this easy to learn and use.

Once the solution is fully available to us we’ll be posting a full demo over at our free site along with the dozens of other free demonstration and training videos we have there.

If you have any further questions, feel free to hit the chat button below.

What’s new in Epicor 10.1

Monday, February 26th, 2018

Here is a presentation of what’s new in Epicor ERP 10.1 along with the text content below the presentation for easier searching.


Key Features

Expanded financials: Bank statement processing, Deferred accruals, Asset

Revaluations, Global COA, Statistical data, Multiple budgets, AR Reconciliation…

 Country Specifics: Belgium CSF, Expanded Germany, USA CSF, Malaysia GST updates, expanded capabilities in existing CSFs
Ž Manufacturing/SCM: ETO Planning contracts, MRP by part, Multi-job scheduling, Industry focused ease of use
 Tools and Technology: New Mobile framework. Print routing
 Cloud Specifics: Expanded capabilities in MT Cloud

Epicor ERP 10.1

Industry Excellence

Simplicity & Ease of Use              Globalization & Compliance                                                          Visionary Technology

Epicor ERP 10.1 Global Financials

Industry Excellence                       Advanced Bank Statement Processing

Ergonomically improved statement entry
Automates bank reconciliation and matching with Fuzzy logic
Auto creates new transactions
•        Advanced Bank Statement Processing

•        Asset revaluations

•        Deferred accruals with time apportionment

•        Financial reporter enhancements

•        Multiple budgets

•        Statistical data in GL

•        Carve-outs for multi-element sales

Speeds up month end process

Fixed Asset Revaluations

Supports revaluation, changes in life, RV
Creates all supporting transactions
Delivers support for IFRS

Epicor ERP 10.1 Global Financials

Industry Excellence                       Deferred Accruals

Possibility to defer expenses over time
Apportion AP invoice across multiple periods
Automates a common requirement

Epicor ERP 10.1 Global Financials

Industry Excellence                       Multiple Budgets


Insights 2018 – Epicor Customer Conference Save the Date!

Friday, December 29th, 2017

May 21-24, 2018      Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Nashville, TN

Please reserve the date:

This year the Epicor Insights 2018 is being held in Nashville, TN.     Epicor Insights is a yearly gathering of over 3000 Epicor Customers, Epicor Partners, and Epicor Employees.   The Epicor conference is hosted by the Epicor Users Group and Epicor Corporation.

Why should your company send people to Insights?

  • Insights is an excellent education opportunity with all of the following brought together in one location:
    • Classes – Dozens of 60-90 minute classes are held. These classes are interactive and allow questions.   These classes are given by other Epicor Customers, Epicor Partners, and Epicor Employees.
    • Hands-On Labs – The labs are more detailed and hands-on with lab exercises to enter into Epicor and view the results. Two people share a computer to perform the exercises.
    • Extended Educations Session-These sessions are offered the Saturday and Sunday prior to the conference. These sessions are much more in-depth than the conference labs.    Each of these training sessions cost an additional $260 over the cost of the conference.  Smaller class size, product-specific training with access to technical experts.
    • Solutions Pavilion – A room where Epicor and the Epicor Alliance partners demo solutions that extend the Epicor application. This is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with personnel to answer your business and technical questions.    During pavilion hours it can be quite busy.  If it is too busy, request a meeting with the person during non-pavilion hours.
    • If your company is running an older version of Vista/Vantage or Epicor 9 this is an excellent opportunity to see the latest Epicor 10 version.
    • Calculate the cost of independent research vs. getting real-time solutions at the conference that can be implemented immediately.
    • Discount if you register four or more employees from your company
    • Opportunity to schedule One-on-One meetings with Epicor executives and subject matter experts.
  • Insights is an excellent networking opportunity.
    • The Insight conference is set up as a conference inside a conference.
      • Attendees are given color coded lanyards to identify the specific Epicor product used. This allows attendees to quickly identify people running the same software.
      • Breakfast and Lunch tables are separated so attendees can sit with people using the same Epicor product.
    • Social networking.
      • In a short amount of time you will meet other attendees using the same Epicor product that you are.
      • From questions asked in classes you will identify attendees having some of the same issues that your company is having. You will also be able to identify the attendees that have found solutions for some of these issues.   After the class, many impromptu meetings are held in the hallways based on these questions.
      • Chance to meet Epicor employees that you may have only talked to on the phone.

Early Bird conference registration ends February 17, 2018 – $1345

Discounted Hotel Group rate expires April 18, 2018

For more details go to

‘Petya’ Ransomware Outbreak Goes Global

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

As you are may be aware, ‘Petya’ is the latest global Ransomware outbreak.  Just a month ago it was WannaCry.  Petya does WannaCry one better.  Instead of merely encrypting all your data files on all vulnerable servers and computers on your network, it makes them unbootable without paying the ransom and even then the odds of a successful unlock are less than 50%.

If you run the latest Windows operating systems and have automatic updating turned on you should be protected from this variant.  If you don’t you may be exposed to severe risk. Regardless, Ransomware is hands down the #1 source of unexpected IT data loss and downtime and is a much more likely risk than fire or natural disaster.

How to permanently protect yourself against this and future Ransomware as well as other IT disasters such as crashed drives, human error, fire, flood etc.

This week it’s Petya but you never know what is going to happen to your IT systems or when.  We’ve seen a $2 part in a sprinkler head break and flood a server room on a Friday night leading to IT disaster.

Clients First’s EverSafe solution is a hardware, software and services solution that actively protects you against all unexpected IT downtime.  Even if some of your key applications are in the cloud, it’s likely you still have some data and systems on-premise.

EverSafe continually backs up or ‘snapshots’ your entire IT infrastructure, including your ERP software as frequently as every 5 minutes.  It actively looks at the backed up data and will send out immediate alerts to you as well as us if it detects the latest snapshot has files being affected by RansomWare.  In the event this occurs, we can track down the source machine, address the infection, while simultaneously restoring all the affected files quickly from the last unaffected backup.

If one or more of your servers suffers a failure like a crashed hard drive, the EverSafe device can boot up a 5 minute old ‘clone’ of the affected server(s) and be online servicing your users again literally in minutes.

If you had a site disaster like a fire or flood, we can boot up the backups we are continually sending to our cloud data centers.  They will run on the EverSafe enterprise hardware in the cloud and your users can work from home or alternate locations until your facility is moved or repaired.

To learn more or see a demo, check out  If you have any questions about this or any other IT related issues or needs, please contact me at

So You Want to Build Your Own PC? Tips for the Beginner

Friday, May 26th, 2017

In this post, we invited a guest blogger, Jackie Edwards to write about the idea of building your own PC.  This is a surprisingly popular past time.  It’s a great way for you or your children to learn much more about what makes that PC on their desk actually tick and is a way to build a much more powerful ‘rig’ at lower cost than the pre-built machines often sold by Dell, or at retail stores which have alot of the purchase price in marketing and shelf space versus premium components.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of powering up your new PC after you assembled it with your very own two hands. Building a home PC will not only give you an extreme sense of pride and a can-do attitude towards technology, but it is also a great way to save money on buying an expensive pre-built model.

Whether you are building your PC for business or pleasure, there are a number of techy tips that can prevent you from committing common mistakes and costing yourself money, time, and stress. Whether you are a first-time builder or an experienced computer maker, you can always learn more about your budding machine to make the process unfold evermore seamlessly.

Foolproof Tips As You Begin

Sometimes, we trust too much in the power of Google and our devices and forget that you should return to the basics as you begin the build. Though this might seem trivial, it is crucial that you have cleared a large enough space to actually build the PC. If your space is cramped and wires from other speakers or lamps are getting in the way, you are more likely to mess up the PC’s cables and cause yourself a lot of confusion.

Also, if you have purchased a variety of new components for your PC, you will probably have a mass of those ancient-seeming white manuals lying around your construction site. Tip: read them. Oftentimes, manuals will include simple tips that you might miss on your own, such as listening for a ‘click’ when you connect your RAM. It is also helpful to keep a list of all of your steps in the building process, so you can easily retrace each action you took along the way if you run into problems down the line.

Now That You’re Ready…Pay Attention

Again, something that might seem basic, but you should be extremely aware of every step you take in your entire PC-building undertaking. Buying incompatible components is a common mistake, as you may have purchased all of the cheapest options to save money. Compatibility is obviously essential to your PC running correctly, so you should consult an online compatibility check before you go ahead and confirm an order.

Once all of your components are in order, you are well on your way to success if you manage to bypass the ambiguities of installation. Jamming cables into parts that seem to fit will most likely lead to you damaging needed wires. Consult your manuals, or Google, before you go on forcing things into places at random. Many of your cables and components are equipped with a nice clicking sound if you have plugged something in correctly, so be aware of that as you build.

It is also important that you treat each installation as its own project. Though it may seem simple to install RAM, your motherboard’s standoffs, memory, and even the outside fans, these are steps that can go terribly wrong. As stated, pay careful attention to the task at hand and make note of it on your step-by-step list before continuing onto the next phase.

Once you have your PC built and start using it, make sure you have a premium disaster recovery solution to address the disasters that can happen like fire, flood, or even Ransomware.  One such solution, EverSafe will ensure you can fail over to an almost identical clone of your server or desktop within 5 minutes.

Keeping in mind all of these pointers as you tackle the nitty-gritty process of PC-building will ensure that your machine functions like it was assembled by a pro. Before you know it, you’ll be your very own tech-support with your working PC and new best friend.