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Selecting a new business and financial management software solution is difficult. With hundreds of financial accounting information systems and business applications available, it’s difficult to know what to look for when performing a software comparison. Every publisher promises to improve your business processes, give management better access to accounting and financial information, and increase your bottom line. However, it’s vital to realize that all software has its’ benefits and tradeoffs. Without a proper comparison of software features and functionality based on your unique needs, however, there is no way to determine which accounting solution is best for your business.

This comparison process is a crucial part of the overall project success. Unfortunately, it’s not the norm in our industry. Skipping past the needs analysis and blindly making software recommendations is par for the course with many technology suppliers – and for good reason. Many software suppliers have only one product to sell, and focus more on sealing the deal than on addressing your needs.

The Clients First recommendation process gives you access to multiple solutions from four of the top business management and accounting software publishers in the world. We’ve invested in learning all about the products we sell and support.

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