General Journals: Is the Paste Rows Option Missing?

In NAV 2013 and later versions, functionality was available to copy and paste rows from journal pages (i.e. General Journals, Sales Journals, etc.)  to Excel, and then back from Excel to the journal page.   The functionality made uploading journal entries from Excel into journals very easy for consultants uploading beginning subsidiary balances and/or end users uploading end of month journal entries.  However, starting in later builds in NAV 2016, this functionality is missing from the general journal page.



How to add back the Paste Rows Option:

To allow users to paste from excel to an RTC Page, the property PasteIsValid of the associated table should be set to YES.


As per my example, if the paste option is missing on the General Journal Page, then you need to set that property on the Gen. Journal Line (Table 81).  When the user right-clicks on the general journal, the Paste Rows function now appears.

Alternatively a Rapid Start Package can be created using Gen. Journal Line Table 81 to upload journal lines.  This alternative will be faster with large number of journal lines.




Written by Mark Stept

Clients First Business Solutions, LLC