Industry Expertise

You trust experts in every aspect of your life. You take your car to a qualified mechanic, you visit certified dental professionals, and most of us don’t cut our own hair. In order to yield the best results you need to engage the services of competent individuals who are experts. It shouldn’t be any different when it comes to your business.

With Clients First you get industry experts who understand the challenges and opportunities that face your industry and can impact your bottom line. We speak your language, we understand your business, and we’ve got the collective expertise to solve your challenges. We’ve chosen to focus our efforts in areas where our expertise and unique suite of technology solutions fit best.

We have developed our team of professionals and built our services around the following industry sectors:

Running a business is complicated and success depends on estimating and dispersing resources across an ever-changing workplace. In manufacturing, gearing everything towards production becomes a question of time and management. Having a strong software solution in place can be the choice between growth and stagnation.

To maintain a successful business, having the right tools and people is essential. For distributors, maintaining a strong customer base and providing quality service, is imperative for your growth. Organizing all your tasks and functions into a centralized structure may require an ERP solution.

Your business is complicated. Your success relies heavily on your ability to estimate projects, track time and allocate resources. Your product is intangible, your business ever changing, and timing is everything is everything. Running a professional services firm requires careful planning, accurate billing, and the ability to remain on budget and on time on every project.

“The entire dialogue was stimulating, and the clarity we now have on serialization should clear the way for us to firm up our blue print. As we go down the path of re-implementing AX, I am confident our success will be in part due to your energetic support.”

Bill Taylor • Senior Director, Mossberg’s Global Supply Chain

“I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the effort that your team puts in for the Mock Go Lives that we have done.  I know it requires weekend work to get us ready for the Mock Go Live and the Go Live and we appreciate it.  As we have done the iterations, we are getting much better at the process. I also appreciate the willingness of your staff to debug issues that arise.  They really dig into the issue until it gets resolved.”

Darlene Nartker • IT Manager, Guy Brown

“Great Job! I really appreciate all the hard work, and for doing your very best to keep us in the advertised down-time window.”

David Buckner • ERP Manager, Sulzer Int.

“After our successful Houston implementation of Dynamics AX in 2006, Sulzer has since utilized Clients First for our other service facilities in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia and The Netherlands”

Glenn Doerksen • VP Operations, Sulzer Int.

“Clients First helped guide us through what the setups actually meant, we are able to support ourselves.”

Alicia Harper, Check-6 International

“Clients First interviewed our users and analyzed what we were doing to understand the current condition quickly and enabled us to implement quick wins that were immediately impactful to the operation.”

Ben Green, Orion Energy Systems

“Clients First is able to deliver what they say. They’re easy to work with and very accurate at knowing what it will take to make something work. They’re very good at thinking outside the box.”

Damon Clovis • CFO, RCL Wiring

“It was a pleasure to meet with you last week as well, and was definitely a good experience for us.  We are excited and re-energized about going to AX2012.  Thank you for all your help, and we look forward to working through this process with you guys. “

Luke Pitchford • IT Director, Micro Plastics

“We had been using a legacy construction accounting software package when we found Acumatica Construction Edition, and it is  a perfect fit.  It’s a modern cloud solution that handles our manufacturing, service, distribution and construction business in one cohesive integrated solution allowing a seamless flow of data.  We expect this to provide significantly better business insights and improve overall efficiency”

Ron Fairchild • CFO, Texas Scenic


Clients First is a local company with national reach. With offices across the continental United States we are able to offer personalized, local service in a number of markets. No crossing time zones, no excess travel costs, no need to use multiple vendors to complete your project.