Project Description

Epicor Upgrades are some of the most crucial elements that can exist within a given ERP solution. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning product is often considered the final step of the option that one has selected. In truth, it’s only the start of the process.

With each software program, there comes a time where the parent company believes it must change. Whatever the reason, these changes can significantly impact how the solution works.

For most, it’s a series of patches to the existing edition to better benefit the user or address common issues. In other cases, a company will rewrite their entire ERP program to provide a better service for businesses. Like any software program, an Epicor Upgrade is something every company carrying it must be on the lookout for.

With Clients First, we understand the fundamentals of ERP software and what this carries for many transitioning businesses. Beyond the basics, a critical aspect to any solution lies in what changes exist in the long-term.

From the very beginning, our consultants are geared towards learning about your company in every detail. For this, remaining up-to-date with all program components over time is a major part of a successful implementation. In providing the best possible options, keeping you informed and prepared is essential. Before any upgrade, we’ll preform a 16-hour analysis to determine how users are adapting the software to their needs. After writing up our findings, including anything that might affect an upgrade, we’ll present it to our users.

As upgrades and expansions are released, we’ll keep you abreast as you adjust your software. To better get a sense of the program, training and on-site help will be available for our clients. Whether individual, or group-based, all available information will be presented to give you the best possible outlook.

Transitioning to ERP software can be an uncertain endeavor, Clients First acts to make it the best possible option for your company. Moving forward with that same product as it changes can be the deciding factor in your business growth. Whether its Epicor Upgrades, or another software solution, keeping our clients in the best state of mind is our ideal.

At Clients First, upgrading you to the best possible solution available is our goal for your future.