Project Description

Epicor Services represent an important part of maintaining your expectations with an ERP solution. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning option is often regarded as an important step for any business. Without strong support by a solid team, a solution may end up proving less than successful.

At Clients First, we’re not geared for the short-term sale, but a long-term and productive business relationship. Offering Epicor Services, alongside our other products, assists a company changing the way it does business. Helping them transition into ERP software is one thing, providing a base to determine your needs is key. Regardless of how much help is needed, our staff is fully prepared with you in mind.

From the start, our consultants are geared primarily towards what your business needs are and more. Every element that makes up your firm will be considered to craft the most accurate summary. By learning about your company, the elements that are lacking will become apparent and visible. In that sense, a better structured plan can be presented to you, our clients.

Throughout the implementation, keeping our clients informed is among our most important goals. Any questions or concerns will be answered as we make our way through this process.  All of which will allow for a smooth transition for your staff, while maintaining the organization and its inherent strengths. Whether it’s an existing system, or installing one for the first time, our experiences have provided the tools for all.

At the same time, training company employees for an ERP installation is often a process of its very own. Having the right solution without a properly trained staff negates any possible benefits the program may provide. With our consultants, getting your company akin to the new software will be an easy task. Anything that may arise will be tackled in this period, quelling any concerns your staff may have.

Regardless of your industry or business environment, Clients First will support your program to its fullest potential. As a dedicated Epicor partner, we are well-versed in the elements that make up today’s software solutions. Getting the heart of any issue, the principal goal remains the satisfaction of the user and its best possible use.

As with all technology, eventually a company will change their existing programs to better suit the customer. Whether it’s a patch, or a new version, our team will make sure each upgrade is adapted. As they’re released, we’ll keep you informed and prepared to update your software. To better get a sense of the new additions, training and on-site help will be available for the client.

Throughout the ERP installation, Clients First’s goal is to make it the ideal option for your business. Moving your company forward and fully promoting a solution that suits one’s needs is our success. Whether it’s Epicor Services, or another option, providing the best support is our final goal.