Project Description

As an Epicor Reseller, maintaining the same level of quality the software producer puts into their product is essential. Offering a solution is one aspect, yet providing a service alongside it can be tricky for some.

Presenting Enterprise Resource Planning software can have its own series of challenges and trials for the uninitiated. It’s easy for a firm to pick one and assume they’ve made the best choice for their needs. Having a dedicated Epicor Reseller is often far more important than the selection itself. By working with a strong partner, one can achieve their goals in a far better fashion.

Through Clients First, understanding what makes up modern ERP solutions will become second-hand knowledge. Our years of experiences have allowed us to gauge what businesses are looking for and where their goals lie. Instead of presenting the software as is, we craft a plan solely around what makes your company its own.

Regardless of its industry or organization, our intent is to support the strongest aspects of your enterprise. Our consultants are geared towards learning about every little element of how the business operates. By complying this information, it’s possible to gain a superior understanding of what effective improvements can be made. This can greatly assist in determining the type of software and benefits that can be ascertained from installation.

Even after the primary implementation is complete, our team is set to train all staff members using the software. Supporting your solution, under any circumstances, is critical to making sure you’re getting the best results with our program. Whether its on-site, or remotely, we’re committed to resolving any issues that may arise. Simplifying your business processes and reducing the waste and clutter of previous years can add new values and strengths.

To keep up with your expanding software needs, our trusted team will keep you aware of any new developments. With each upgrade, we’ll be prepared to assist you with these changes as they come along. Even as new improvements are being released, alongside accompanying expansions, being ready to help will be first and foremost.

As an Epicor Reseller and partner, Clients First is geared with your future goals and business needs in mind. Supporting an ERP solution isn’t a short-term affair with the final sale being the last word. Preserving your software selection and providing support for your goals is our best success story.