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By Jeff Warwick
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Clients First Business Solutions and Century Business Solutions will be partnering together for Century’s latest EBizCharge payment integration to Epicor.

EBizcharge is a PCI-compliant option, which provides business owners with strong security for credit card processing and transactions. Featuring the latest encryption and tokenization tools, EBizCharge can provide the best safety for your growing business. Compatible with online shopping carts and mobile devices, its geared for creating the best possible customer experience.

A long-time partner of Clients First in servicing small and medium-sized enterprises, EBizCharge is fully adapted to today’s ERP solutions. Newly compliant with Epicor 10, it can simplify your invoicing, reduce your processing costs and save time on accepting payments.


With every credit or debit card transaction, a nominal fee is charged with every use. For some businesses, the fear of these adding up over time can become pressing. The result being excess fees drowning whatever profits being made.

In EBizCharge, companies are given flat rate pricing to reduce their existing fees. Rather than a standard tired model, which can increase over time, this guarantees the lowest possible rate per month.

All of which can better benefit your store with its existing costs.

Automatic input

Manually inputting lines of item information may prove a tedious task for any owner. Wasting time and energy entering this data can often be a drain on your workplace.

With EBizCharge, all your existing item information in Epicor is automatically directed to your store’s payment portal. Fully integrated, your payments will be posted to their corresponding accounts and ledger in no time.

Payment Acceptance

Collecting payments often proves to be a lengthy process for the average store owner. Trying to manage all of this can frequently become overwhelming.

EBizCharge offers an online customer payment portal called EBizCharge Connect. Rather than spending time on collections, customers can see their invoices and make payments whenever possible. Whether it’s full or partial, it can be done from any location with safety and security for users.

Integrated directly into your Epicor 10 system, everything is synchronized to all aspects of your finances. Pulling data between the payment and the solution, one can simplify their existing process, while avoiding unnecessary tasks.

The result being a better organized and functioning business, ready to perform to the best of its ability without issue.

If you have any questions about EBizCharge and Epicor, feel free to contact us.

Jeff Warwick

Jeff Warwick

Partner, Clients First Business Solutions New Jersey

Jeff Warwick is an experienced partner at Clients First with over 20 years of ERP solution selling under his belt. With his honest approach and fine attention to detail, Jeff has helped hundreds of growing businesses find the right ERP software and technology to last the life of their business. When he’s not driving high impact results for his valued customers, you can find Jeff rocking out on his guitar at his local church!