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By Jeff Warwick
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Many people believe Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is only suitable for companies with hundreds of employees and huge percentages of market share. However, ERP software systems make daily operations easier for small businesses and startups, as well as large corporations.

Though most startups are smaller than their competitors, they still manage a large number of organizational responsibilities. ERP software can make a startup more efficient and profitable by aggregating valuable business data into a single database.

ERP software can improve operations and even enable growth by bringing together information from finance, sales, inventory and other areas of the business. Whatever industry your startup serves, it’s worth considering whether ERP could give your business the boost it needs.

When Do Startups Need ERP Software?

The exact time to implement an ERP solution varies depending on a startup’s unique challenges and needs. Here are several signs your startup might be ready for ERP software:

  • Your processes are inefficient: An ERP system can help improve your startup’s process efficiency by consolidating data into one centralized location and enabling automation. This is particularly important for startups with lots of orders to fill and customers to satisfy.
  • Your systems contain duplicate data: If your employees must constantly reenter data between systems, you need to think about implementing ERP. This software eliminates data silos and helps ensure information is up to date, minimizing the risk of mistakes caused by inaccurate data.
  • You lack access to the bigger picture: It’s impossible to make smart business decisions without a complete understanding of your startup’s performance. By collecting all your company’s data and information in one location, an ERP allows you to gain deeper insight into your business.

What to Look for in ERP Software for Startups

It’s clear that startups can benefit from an ERP system as much as larger companies. However, startups also have unique needs when it comes to software. To provide the best results, an ERP for startups should typically be:

  • Affordable: Startups have limited resources and many aspects of operation vying for their attention. Any ERP software should be affordable to install and maintain. Cloud-based software systems have made ERP options more cost-effective for businesses of all sizes in recent years, as well as more convenient to use.
  • Simple: When you implement an ERP solution for your startup, you and your employees should start using it as soon as possible for the investment to pay off. A good option for startups comes with a simple interface that you can begin using effectively with little or no training.
  • Adaptable: Startups don’t stay small forever. When growth occurs, your ERP solution should be able to adapt to meet new demands.

Startups may also want to work with a Value-added Reseller (VAR) when selecting software. A VAR, such as Clients First Business Solutions, can help adapt an ERP solution to meet your needs and provide support throughout the entire implementation process. For more information about ERP selection for your startup read our whitepaper:



At Clients First Business Solutions, we offer two applications that work well for startups and small businesses — Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, previously called Dynamics NAV, and SAP Business One. To learn more about how we could help your business with ERP software, Contact us today.

Jeff Warwick

Jeff Warwick

Partner, Clients First Business Solutions New Jersey

Jeff Warwick is an experienced partner at Clients First with over 20 years of ERP solution selling under his belt. With his honest approach and fine attention to detail, Jeff has helped hundreds of growing businesses find the right ERP software and technology to last the life of their business. When he’s not driving high impact results for his valued customers, you can find Jeff rocking out on his guitar at his local church!