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By Jeff Warwick
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HOLMDEL, NJ – With a heightened focus on digital transformation, Clients First announces a move toward improving their online presence with the launch of a new website at  

The choice to upgrade their main website from the previous version was made at a time the world is going increasingly digital. With the ongoing global health concerns and changes in the way buyers want to make decisions, Clients First took the time to reflect on how to better serve the growing manufacturing, distribution, heavy equipment, and aviation companies in their market.  

“We know the sales cycle is going to change as people focus on finding ways to enable remote work opportunities and limit in-person interactions,” said Jeff Warwick, Partner at Clients First Business Solutions. “And we know that no matter the economic outlook, companies still need to find ways to improve their overall business operations and align with a technology partner that can advise and support them long-term. This seemed like the best time to look inward and decide if we were really meeting our prospects and customers where we needed to. And as we reflected on our previous website, it became clear that we were not. With the world on the precipice of big changes to the way we work, live, and sell, we knew we needed our digital space to be more reflective of the ways we can help.” 

The new website is in the initial stages and will continue to expand in features and functionality over the year that will further serve professionals looking for helpful information around cloud ERP software, reporting, business intelligence, data backup, and best-in-class industry focused technology.  

“We’ve added more content about our service offerings, more information about the products we proudly sell, and created an area for more engaging interactions for our prospects, partners, and customers.” Says Chris Young, Partner at Clients First. “The next steps will be building out a platform for our extensive knowledgebase of tutorial videos and how-to’s, as well as pre-recorded demos that allow people to get a feel for any solution we sell, from the comforts of their office. We will also be putting our current customers and their success stories more front and center – because their success is our success, and we want to make sure to always put them first.” 

Increasingly, consumers want to self-serve, and businesses are tasked with maintaining a personal connection while providing carefully curated and rich-media content to enable consumers to engage in the buying cycle at whatever stage suits them best. As decision-makers continue to retire at high rates and new people come into leadership roles, it’s especially important to meet the fluctuating and often diverse needs of each viewer.  

Mobile-first websites built with a focus on user-oriented content are not a trend to be ignored. As Google has consistently stated since the rollout in 2018, mobile-first indexing continues to be a significant factor in how websites rank. Clients First realized that remaining an active and engaged partner to the Microsoft Dynamics, SAP B1, and Acumatica communities meant getting current and being found.  

To further explore the new website, visit the homepage now.   

Jeff Warwick

Jeff Warwick

Partner, Clients First Business Solutions New Jersey

Jeff Warwick is an experienced partner at Clients First with over 20 years of ERP solution selling under his belt. With his honest approach and fine attention to detail, Jeff has helped hundreds of growing businesses find the right ERP software and technology to last the life of their business. When he’s not driving high impact results for his valued customers, you can find Jeff rocking out on his guitar at his local church!