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With next day shipping on over 10,000 orders per month, Hercules Chemical requires careful planning and control of their business. Clients First was able to tie together all elements needed to deliver full control of the manufacturing process.
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Manufacturing Inventory Control Software
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Made-to-Stock Manufacturing

To succeed in the manufacturing industry, your entire business must be precisely managed. From forecasting, to inventory control and warehouse operations, to handling customer inquiries and sales orders, to the software used to handle your billing and financials, your business requires coordination. Competition is growing, globalization is happening, and the cost of raw materials is rapidly increasing.

Your manufacturing software and processes may need improvement. Control over inventory of raw materials and finished stock may be lacking. You don't instantly know the status of orders and you can't manage your shop floor or properly schedule your deliveries. You're having trouble forecasting what materials you need or when you need them. If this sounds familiar, you are probably looking for more advanced manufacturing and inventory control software to help you.

At Clients First we specialize in implementing manufacturing software solutions for made-to-stock manufacturers. We can help you: Call us today and learn how a Clients First manufacturing software solution can streamline your operation and improve your ROI without disrupting your business.