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RansomWare Attacks Up 50% in Last Year

Monday, May 1st, 2017


According to ZDNet, in THIS article, Ransomware attacks are up a whopping 50% over the last year.  They are now the #1 source of data loss and business downtime exceeding all other reasons.

This article gives you the details and even history of RansomWare which actually dates all the way back to 1989.

Ransomware creators are now working with criminal enterprises where instead of selling the Ransomware to the criminals, they take a 50% cut on all proceeds.
On average, Ransomware takes a victim offline for at least a week.  That alone could shutter many small businesses.

The rise of BitCoin has helped Ransomware.  In the earlier days, credit cards were used for payments but most major credit card processing companies banned the use of credit cards for this purpose leaving no way for the creators of Ransomware to get paid for the unlocking keys.  With BitCoin, they have a completely untraceable way of getting paid, although its orders of magnitude harder for the victim to figure out how to buy and transfer BitCoin versus using a credit card.
The best way to avoid Ransomware is via vigilence around your users Internet activities.  The usual warnings of never clicking unknown links in email or web pages.   However, its almost inevitable that someone may not be careful, or may be in a rush and it only takes one person in your office to unleash Ransomware on every computer.

Using our EverSafe! solution, you will get an immediate notification if Ransomware is detected on your network.  At that point, you can remove the Ransomware. Without EverSafe!, removing Ransomware usually leaves your data that has been encrypted, now forever destroyed.
With EverSafe!, you can just restore all of your data how it appeared only minutes before the infection, and you are back up and running with virtually no downtime or data loss.

What’s New in Sage ERP 100 through Version 4.00 to Sage ERP 100 2015

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

A great document showing the workflow and functionality changes that have occured since Sage MAS90 & Sage MAS200 4.00 all the way through Sage ERP 100.

Using this document you can see all the functionality that you might be missing from the version you are currently on to the most current version.  Simply upgrade (we can help) and you’ll get the ‘delta’ in functionality.

Sage ERP 100 Upgrade Guide

Tasks open without focus on the foreground screen or minimized when using Terminal Server 2008

Friday, February 27th, 2015


For Sage ERP 100, MAS90, or MAS200

Version Reported: 4.40


Tasks open minimized or "out of focus" when connecting through Windows 2008 Terminal Server

Possible Resolution:

Note: Use extreme caution when editing the registry. If the registry is edited incorrectly, Windows may not function properly or may not run at all. Sage Customer Support is not responsible for assisting with editing the registry. Always back up the registry before accessing it. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified computer technician.

Modify ForegroundLockTimeout regkey for each remote user.

  1. Go to Start | Run |.
  2. Type Regedit.
  3. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.
  4. Double-click ForegroundLockTimeout.
  5. Enter 0 in the Value Data field (leave as Hexadecimal).
  6. Click OK and exit Registry Editor.
  7. Repeat steps 1 thru 6 for each remote user session.

NOTE: You can also create a Group Policy for Remote users that modifies this key for ALL remote users. This way you won’t need to log in each user one-by-one to make changes to their registry key.

Clients First Selected as a “VAR Star” again for 2014

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

2013AIWe are proud to announce that Clients First Business Solutions was once again selected for this prestige award and membership in an elite group of the top 100 VAR’s in the United States.  This is the 8th year in a row we made the list and again are in the top 20 of the 100 members.

Clients First was selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2014, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of midmarket financial software

Members of the VAR Stars were selected based on factors such growth, industry leadership and recognition, and innovation. Selection is not based on revenue and those firms chosen represent a wide range of size and many different software publishers of accounting software.

“Each year, 100 VAR Stars are picked from the best organizations that market financial software. It is always an honor to recognize those who contribute to the development of our business,” Bob Scott said.

About Clients First

Clients First Business Solutions has been a top tier ERP VAR (Value Added Reseller) since 2003 and who’s founders each have over 25 years of industry experience.  Clients First sells, supports, implements, customizes and trains on Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Epicor ERP, SAP Business One, Sage ERP 100,  Sage ERP X3 and Accumatica.  Clients First specializes in the distribution and manufacturing business sectors.

About Bob Scott

Bob Scott has been informing and entertaining the mid-market financial software community via his email newsletters for 15 years. He has published this information via the “Bob Scott’s Insights” newsletter and website since 2009. He has covered this market for 24 years through print and electronic publications, first as technology editor of Accounting Today and then as the Editor of Accounting Technology from 1997 through 2009. He has covered the traditional tax and accounting profession during the same time and has continued to address that market as executive editor of the Progressive Accountant since 2009.

Setting Up Accounts Payable Expense Distribution Tables in Sage 100 ERP (MAS90, MAS200)

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Setting up Templates for Distributing GL Accounts in Accounts Payable

Not everybody is aware that a few years ago Sage added the ability to setup templates so that when you post an AP bill it would get allocated to a variety of GL Accounts on the fly.  I actually designed this enhancement when it was built by Macabe Associates for one of our clients.  Macabe was later acquired by Sage and many of their enhancements were added into base Sage 100 ERP like this one.

To set it up, :

  • First go to the Accounts Payable>Setup>Accounts payable options screen.  From their click on the entry tab.
  • Check the box that says “Allow Total Distribution to be less than 100%” and hit Accept

Sage 100 ERP Consultant Accounts Payable I