taskbarthumbnailI highly Recommend Display Fusion Pro if you have Windows 7 and Dual Monitors.  It works great with Vista and XP as well, but they have a few other options.  This application is currently the only one I’m aware of that fully supports Windows 7.

It has a number of features to make the management of windows easier, but the two most important features are:

A second INDEPENDENT task bar on your second monitor that shows the apps running on that screen.  It visually is identical to the new Windows 7 task bar.  It still doesn’t support 100% of the functionality such as Aero Peek, but it does show previews.  It also has the option to remove the icon from the main task bar so it isn’t doubled up.  If you happen to be monitor crazy, it supports as many monitors as you have connected.

vladstudio_275The second key feature is a great automatic desktop background feature.  It can randomly download images based on categories and keywords as your desktop every X minutes you choose.  It directly supports flickr and Vladstudios.  The Vladstudios images are beautiful.  Most are illustrations and are full resolution relative to your screen size.  flickr is mixed.  Some very nice, some very amateur since anybody can contribute.
It amazes me that Microsoft didn’t at least include a dual task bar in Windows 7 (or even Vista for that matter) given how popular they are an how much more productive you can be with them.  Having to always move your mouse all the way to your primary task bar for windows management is very ineffecient.  For what it’s worth, the Mac OS is just as bad in this department and they’ve supported more than one monitor for 10+ years