What to do to avoid this

Here is a great articles from Forbes.com.  It explains what I’ve known for a long time but puts is in your face very succinctly.

Fundamentally, most Customer Relationship Management systems, when implemented, often end up being overpriced contact managers.  A place to store company names & addresses.  This is due to a variety of key reasons including but not limited to:

  • Lack of end user involvement in the selection & implementation phase
  • Nobody internally who ‘owns’ the system and is responsible for the care, feeding and upkeep. I don’t mean in a technical way either, but ensure the data is going in as needed, is entered consistently and is updated regularly.  This user needs to be given significant power by the head of sales and the salespeople need to know that if they don’t cooperate, it’s like not cooperating with the head of sales.
  • Managers being too focused on ‘bells & whistles’ but not looking for key daily reports or dashboards, no more than three that allow them to keep a pulse on operations
  • Salespeople are like cats.  Try and herd them and you’ll see.  You need a strong hand to get them to comply and work with the new system vs. feeling they are ‘too good for this’ and continue in their old ways.

There are more good ideas here so take a look.  If you are struggling with getting adoption of your own CRM system, or want to consider putting one in, contact us at info@clientsfirst-us.com.

Click HERE for the Forbes Article.