houseHopefully you’ve read our whitepaper on Why Now is the Best Time to buy an ERP Solution.

However, I just ran across this front page article from the New York Times.  The article talks about why homeowners are embarking on major projects and renovations during this weak economy.

They key points are:

  1. Prices significantly lower than what they were quoted during “good times.”
  2. Quality and attention to detail that was historically very rare due to contractors rushing and juggling so many jobs in the past
  3. Projects being completed well under budget AND under the expected timeline.  Again, historically experience was that contractors would randomly not show up, and would cut days short to move between job sites to keep all their customers somewhat ‘happy.’

Investing in a major ERP, Accounting or CRM solution really has more in common with what this article discusses than not.  See for yourself as the article is here:

New York Times Article