New Features in SAP Business One 9

This is Issue One of Clients First Business Solution’s Blog Series, “What’s New is SAP Business One 9.0.”  Over the coming weeks, we’ll publish functional instructions for customers on how to leverage these new features in a working 9.0 version of SAP Business One.  If you have questions about the functionality or simply need assistance, click on the Chat Button below.

Issue One:  Update to Pricelists and Discount Groups

SAP Business One 9.0 pricelist and discount groups functionality has been enhanced to improve efficiency and support specific business processes. These new features allow more flexibility in setting and managing pricelist/special pricelists. These are optional however, and users can continue to use the same methodology as in the prior release. To accommodate new pricing options new fields has been added to the pricelist and discount tables (OPLN, ITM1, etc).

The most recent pricelist functionality can now handle the following:

·         Define pricelist as active or inactive





                                                New fields added to pricelist form





In this current version pricelist can be set as active or inactive. Only active pricelist can be selected by the Business Partners.





The inactive pricelist will not display in the list of pricelist. A pricelist can be activated for a specific date range. The prices will be valid only within the date range specified. When the date range is no longer valid, the pricelist will be inactive.




Within a sales order document for example, the posting date must fall within the pricelist date range for the pricelist to be valid. For other windows like the item master data, the system date is used for comparison with the pricelist date range.

During the upgrade to version 9.0 all existing pricelist are automatically mark as active pricelist.


·         Assign a pricelist to a business partner group

Administration-àSetupàBusiness partner groups->Customer/Vendor Groups





This version 9.0 allows the user an option to assign an active pricelist to a business partner group. When the user assigns a pricelist to a business partner group, the user will be prompted if they want to replace the BP payments terms with the new pricelist. The Default answer is NO. If you reply YES then the BP master data will be replaced with the new GROUP pricelist.



When creating new Business Partner Master Data records, if the business partner group has a pricelist list assigned to it, then the new BP master data record will carry the group pricelist. This is the new behavior in this release. If there is no pricelist associated with the group then, the pricelist will be taken from the default payments terms.




Stayed tuned to our Clients First SAP Business One Blog for more to come on new features and functionality in SAP Business One 9.0.  We hope you found this post helpful, and would welcome suggestions for future issues.  Just send your suggestions to