Today’s Blog features what’s new in SAP Business One 9.0 and focuses on general areas of enhancement and new features.

SAP Business One 9.0 (now available) contains enhancements and additions meant to support the growing needs of the small and medium enterprise companies. So, what’s new in SAP Business One 9.0?

• Native Bin Locations

o Bin location functionality is activated per warehouse

o Warehouses can be spilt into multiple sub-levels

o Supports 4 sublevel dimensions ie: a.Zone, b.Area, c.Shelf & d.Row.

o Bin location codes can support hierarchal or non-hierarchal scenarios

o Bin location codes can be setup with up to 10 user-defined attributes ie: size, weight, hazardous, frozen etc.

o Manage sublevel & bin location codes manually or automatically with a batch generation / update / delete function

o Default bin locations available ‘per Item, ‘per Item Group’ & ‘per Warehouse’

• Purchase Requests

o Create Purchase Requests as a preliminary step of the purchasing process.

o New Purchase Request Form & Report

o Create Purchase Quotations or Orders directly from the Purchase Request form or Purchase Request Report

o Create Purchase Quotations based on Purchase Requests from the Purchase Quotations Generation Wizard.

o Notifications sent via E-mail or Business One notification when PO and GRPO has been created for Purchase Request

o Supports approval procedure process

• Payment & Deposit Cancellation

o Support cancellation of payments with deposited checks

o Support partial cancellation of the deposit transaction for one chosen check out of a deposit with multiple checks and return the check to check register

o Support cancellation of deposited check

o Automatic cancellation of non-deposited checks and its related payment

• Marketing Document Cancellation

o New ‘Cancellation’ marketing document created with each cancellation procedure

o Accounting, fiscal, financial and inventory transitions are completely reversed in one step

o Both reversing and reversed documents are closed automatically and fully internally reconciled

o Base documents linked to cancellation documents are re-opened after cancellation and can be used as a base document again

o Display ‘Cancelled ’ and ‘Cancellation’ marketing documents in reports

o Define maximum no. of days for cancelling marketing documents after posting

o Relevant authorisations support this feature

Advanced GL Determinations

o Support GL settings for items, item groups, warehouses, BP groups, federal tax ID, ship-to country, ship-to state

o Supports multi determination criteria with possibility to set priorities for determination criteria as well as for rules

o Enable tracking by viewing the change log

o Simple and flexible

Enhancements have been made in the areas of:

• Bin Allocation

o All inventory processing supports bin locations

o Setup automatic allocations for receiving and issuing goods

o Bin location receipt & issue allocation screens for manually receiving and issuing transactions

o Ability to replenish bin locations

o Pick & Pack Manager supports bin locations

o Picking methods supports simple bin numbers and sequences

o Bin location allocation rules apply when handling batch & serial managed items

o Inventory transfers support bin location transfers

o Item Availability supports bin location visibility

o Productions Order bin locations are specified on both issue for and receipt from production documents

o Inventory counting supports bins locations

o Barcode fields support ‘per bin’ and ‘per item’

Cycle Counting

o Cycle Count Recommendations are linked to stock taking process

o Define more flexible count frequencies and set reoccurrences for these frequencies

o Define inventory cycles per warehouse , bin location or item level

o Receive alerts for items due for inventory taking

• Inventory Counting

o New Inventory Counting document to record and manage inventory taking process

o New Inventory Postings document to record and manage postings from Inventory Counting results

o Two inventory takers can stock take in the same area

o Ability to freeze items while counting

o Directly post stock take records without the counting process.

o View Inventory Counting documents in Open Items List

o Counting supports Units of Measure

o Count exact number of serial & batch managed items

o Bins locations are supported throughout inventory counting process

Multiple Unit of Measure Conversion

o Single UoMs can be grouped together as a subset based on conversion rules

o Default UoM can be automatically converted to alternative UoM in transaction processing

o Price lists can be updated for each UoM

o Supports different barcode standards per UoM per item

o Define different packaging types per UoM

• Fixed Assets

o Integrated comprehensive fixed assets solution for end to end process

o Ability to handle different accounting areas (e.g. local accounting practices and IFRS in parallel)

o Flexible depreciation calculation defined to meet local requirements & international accounting standards

o Authorization concept

o New fixed assets master data structure

• Landed Costs

o Landed costs created directly using the ‘Copy From’ function from an AP invoice.

o No Goods Receipt necessary

• Drop Shipments

o Supports serial and batch managed items.

o Setup or allocate serial numbers and batch managed items by warehouse

o Setup window for drop ship warehouses

• Returns & Credit Memos

o The item cost for A/R Returns or A/R Credit Memo updated if without base document

o ‘Return Cost’ field added to the A/R Returns and A/R Credit Memo documents

• Price Lists & Discounts

o Set active and validity period for price lists & discount groups

o Multiple currencies for price lists

o Price list per customer / vendor group

o Support multiple unit of measurements for prices

o Currency selection for special prices and period / volume prices

o Enhancements for discount groups

o Discount control

o Price and discount reports

o Analyze pricing and discounts in transactions

• Currency Reconciliation

o Reconciliation functionality in SAP Business One supports System Currency management.

o New posting accounts added to enable automatic postings for internal reconciliations

Also, core additions have been made for:


o Integrated Intrastat solution for end to end process

o Existing add-on functionality maintained

o New configuration form -> Intrastat – Configuration Tool

o Intrastat relevant columns are available in marketing documents: Country of Origin, Incoterms, Transport Mode

o New tab Intrastat Settings tab added to Item and Business Partner Master Data for Intrastat Relevant Items and Business Partners.

o New Intrastat Declaration Wizard has been added

o Enhanced importing and filtering options

o Ability to store reported data

o Available to all EU localizations

• Reporting

o View reports and layouts designed by SAP Crystal Reports 2011

o Edit reports or layouts from SAP Business One, in the SAP Crystal Reports 2011 designer

o Upload system and user-defined Crystal Reports from SAP Business One to SAP Crystal Reports Server 2011

o Preview the uploaded reports from SAP Business One

o View and share Crystal Reports Server URLs of the uploaded reports in SAP Business One

• Electronic File Manager

o Ability to translate generic electronic and bank payment file formats

o Ability to export and import translations

• Implementation Tools

o Centralization of implementation tools into the Implementation Tasks window

o Quick Copy is a new solution to copy data between companies

o Out-of-the-box project management checklists based on Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) methodology

o 3 project templates are available

o Templates are available in all languages supported by Business One.

o Option to create own project templates

o Option to create a drill down link to each step

o Option to add general information, notes or attachments to each step

• Support

o New Remote Support Platform 3.0

For more information on SAP Business One, check out our Blog, What is SAP Business One. You can also contact Clients First Business Solutions for SAP Business One Support. Clients First can be reached by phone at (888) 239-2818.