APM vs. APM+ for Epicor.  An Explanation

We have found that many clients aren’t aware of the APM & APM+ option in Epicor.  Many have purchased this module and don’t use it, or use it fully.

Here is a high level list of the power of APM:

  • Automatically send any printed document (i.e. SO Acknowledgement, Invoice, Purchase Order, a report) to any email address as a PDF or TIFF attachment
  • Automatically send any of the above documents via fax
  • Setup on a per customer basis, their preferred distribution method (paper, fax, email, multiple

APM + adds the following functionality

  • Collate related documents to an email attachment.  For example, email a Work Order Traveler, and with that email include a copy of an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), COA (Certificate of Analysis), a PO for the item for outside treatment etc.
  • Instead of merely emailing or faxing the document with APM, the documents all are put into a repository as well.  Authorized users (don’t even have to be Epicor users) can go into this repository and search, retrieve, print any of these documents
  • You can mark up documents with digital signatures, annotations etc.  In essence, you get full Document Management capabilities, but only for documents that are printed from within Epicor.  Altec, the creator of APM and APM plus provides additional modules for purchase that can create a comprehensive enterprise document management solution with APM & APM+ as the core.

We have a full video of this functionality on our Epicor Demo website.  Many of you are already registered, it’s free.  If not, just register and you can view the video demo of this great productivity enhancing solution.