How Cloud Computing or Hosting compares to Virtualization


Virtualization and cloud computing are different approaches to solving the problem of maximizing the use of available resources. Virtualization is one physical computer pretending to be many computing environments. Cloud computing is many different computers pretending to be the one computing environment.

The flexibility of virtualization makes it a great match for cloud computing. Cloud computing can be defined based on the virtual machine containers created with virtualization. Virtualization can be used as the basis in cloud computing. Cloud computing is an approach for the delivery of services. Virtualization is one possible service that could be delivered.  Most Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SAAS) providers and hosting companies use virtualized servers due to their more cost effective properties.  Here is the comparison:


  • Single user access to multiple physical devices. In other words, a single computer controls multiple machines or one computer utilizes multiple computers to analyze a database.
  • Run multiple applications on each server reducing the number of servers companies need to purchase and manage
  • Consolidate servers
  • Support more users per piece of hardware
  • Deliver applications
  • Run outdated line of business software on outdated operating systems via a virtual server
  • Run applications faster
  • Provides more servers on the same hardware
  • Fits best larger corporations requiring little downtime and airtight security

Cloud Computing

  • A collection of computers and servers that are publicly accessible via the internet that saves labor hardware and power costs
  • Software you use is stored on servers and accessed via the internet
  • Cheaper than dedicated physical resources connected to a personal computer or network
  • Software is still available for others to use if a computer crashes
  • Provides measured resources while paying for what you use.
  • Smaller businesses profit more