Family Break Pricing in Sage 100 ERP

What if you sold pencils.  In older versions of Sage 100 you could set up quantity break pricing such as

<10 =$10 per pencil

11 to 20 $8 per pencil

>20 $6 per pencil

However, what if you had 5 colors of pencil?  MAS would see each color as a different item number and thusif a customer ordered 7 black pencils and 5 red pencils, they would all be priced at $10.  What if you really wanted them all priced at $8 because they were buying a total of 12 pencils.

That’s exactly what ‘total quantity pricing’ allows.  You can combine quantities from entire product lines or narrow it down to any of the 4 ‘category’ fields in the Item Master.  In our pencil example, you would select Color.

This “Total Quantity Pricing’” first appeared in Sage 100 ERP and future versions

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Item pricing by total quantity (AKA Volume pricing) can be set up with the following steps.

How Set Up Total Quantity Pricing in Sage 100 ERP 2014

1)  Go to Sales Order Entry, Setup Options Tab Line Entry is at the bottom left of page.


2)  Once that is set up can choose to apply item pricing automatically in this check box below.

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