The MAS90 Custom Office or Customizer (also available in MAS200) allows you to add, move, delete, hide or make read-only fields while you are working within a specific MAS screen.  As long as you are licensed for the Custom Office module you can do the following to add a field such as a User Defined Field (UDF):
How to add Standard MAS90 fields to a Panel using Customizer in MAS90 and MAS200

  1. Access the data entry panel that you want to add the field(s) to
  2. Hit CTRL-F9 to access Customizer Selection
  3. Select to create a new panel or modify an existing one
  4. Navigate to the panel you wish to add the field to (Header, Lines, etc.)
  5. Click the “Add Field” button on the left Customizer panel
  6. Draw a box on the panel where you want your field to be
  7. In the “Field Selection” Window Click the “Show All” button
  8. Choose your field from the desired table and click Select

NOTE: Click “Show UDFs” to go back to the UDF’s view in the Field Selection window