Why buy MAS90 or MAS200?  Top 10 Criteria for Selecting Software.  MAS90 and MAS200 from Sage fall into this category.

This table displays the results of a study by Deloitte and Touche comparing the criteria used by companies selecting software. The first column shows the priority order of criteria the first time companies went through the process and the second column shows the priority order after the system was completed.   It essentially is showing you the mistakes people made the first time and why you should work to avoid them.

1st Time 2nd Time Criteria
1 5 Price of the Software
2 9 Ease of Implementation of the Software
3 8 Ease of Use
4 3 Software’s Ability to Fit the Business
5 7 Functionality of Software
6 10 Software Works with Existing Hardware
7 4 Growth Potential of Software
8 1 Level of Support of the Solution Provider
9 6 Quality of Documentation
10 2 Vendor’s Track Record of Performance