Thanks to my friend, Wayne Shulz for this great top 10 article.  In his article, he published the top 10 most frequent mistakes users of MAS 90 and MAS 200 make.

  • Not making a backup company at year end.
  • Failing to reconcile the subsidiary ledger detail balances (accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory) monthly to the general ledger control totals.
  • Trying to agree the subsidiary AGED INVOICE instead of TRIAL BALANCE report to the general ledger
  • Setting the data retention periods to any number less than the maximum in any module.
  • Believing any third party software company who tells you that integration to MAS 90 or MAS 200 is “no problem”.
  • Reinitializing any data file other than a temporary data entry file.
  • Failing to backup your data every day.
  • Making a change to a payroll tax deduction and failing to check with your tax accountant to verify the proper tax treatment.
  • Closing payroll for the year before printing W2s or making a backup.
  • Delete, renumbering or merging a range of customers, vendors, inventory item or general ledger accounts.

I agree almost 100% with his assessment.  The original article with all the details are here.