We’ve recently compiled a comprehensive group of videos for Sage MAS90 and MAS200 that cover al the major modules, and key add ons.  We then captured, re-encoded them into flash and have embedded them all here on this blog.
Remember you can view any of these full screen by clicking on the full screen icon in the lower right of the video.

General Ledger (GL) Overview and Data Entry Functions:


General Ledger (GL) Financial Reports:


Using Saved Reports- General Ledger Example

MAS90 & MAS200 Inventory (IM) Overview

MAS90 & MAS200 Bill of Materials (BOM) Overview

MAS90 & MAS200 Sales Order Entry (SO)

MAS90 & MAS90 and MAS200 RMA Processing (RMA)

MAS90 & MAS200 Credit Card Process (CC)

MAS90 & MAS200 Starship

MAS90 & MAS200 Job Cost Module (JC)

MAS90 & MAS200 eBusiness Manager

MAS90 & MAS200 Business Insights Explorer (BIE)

MAS90 & MAS200 Visual Integrator (VI)

MAS90 & MAS200 Business Alerts Professional (BA)