July 6, 2009- In an unprecedented way, the MIS Group, one of Sage’s largest national VAR’s has gone out of business with no warning or take down period.  They were Sage Business Partner of the Year in 2008 and were based out of Dallas Texas with regional offices throughout the country. Employees were told the morning of the closing and the locks on the doors were changed.  The website went down without a notice as of the time of this writing, beyond their home page here at www.misgroupusa.com

If you are a client of The MIS Group, contact us at our closest office HERE and we’ll be happy to evaluate your current situation and assist you in a smooth transition to our financially healthy team.  Unlike the highly leveraged model of some of these ‘super var’s’ Clients First approach has always been based around shared equity and thus can sustain poor economic conditions much better than these firms.

The official press release is here.

MIS Group Goes out of business