When a company makes the decision to implement a new business management and accounting system, a key part of the process is for that company to understand, as fully as possible, what it expects to gain from the new system.  Expected benefits, what existing (and desired) business processes will be managed in the new system, how will users interact with the system and many other questions must be answered in order to optimize the project’s success.

At Clients First, we have developed a system for evaluating business needs and making confident, well-informed recommendations regarding products and functionality.  It is the Detailed Requirements Analysis or DRA.  The DRA (sometimes referred to as a “Needs Analysis”) is a process where we collaborate with our clients to identify what system capabilities are truly important for their business.

We begin the analysis process by working closely with our client’s primary contact to identify the people in the company with whom we will work — usually functional leads or department heads. We then begin the process of finding out where there are difficult business processes, where can improvements be made, where does it make sense to automate processes and how can we work together to build a vision of a what a new solution will do for the company.

The primary deliverable is the DRA document and it major elements typically include:

  • Business processes maps – existing and future states
  • Current technical environment – which ones, how used, how integrated
  • Pains and problems associated with the current systems
  • Factors driving the desire to consider change
  • Where and how an improvement in business processes can be achieved
  • Important new system requirements
  • Success criteria for a new system
  • Potential ROI of a new system

The DRA process is a crucial part of the overall project success. When we are finished with the process, we both will have a better understanding of your business and what a new system will be expected to do to make your lives easier, the business stronger and make a real difference.

The DRA process – interviews, write-up and review – is a paid engagement.  Contact us today for more inforamtion.