Thanks to all those who attended our Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 user group on May 20th, 2010 at our Holmdel New Jersey offices.  We had attendees from all over including CT, PA, NY, NJ and even from California.
Breakfast and lunch was served while attendees learned about the following topics:

  • What’s new in MAS90 and MAS200 4.4
  • Product update 4.4.1
  • Custom Office and Customizer Scripting
  • Synergistic Software’s Purchase Agent add-on
  • Valogix Inventory Replenishment Solution
  • The Clients First hosted backup solution.

The entire user group was recorded and edited for brevity below.  I have indicated the time marks so you can jump to the section of interest.  Please keep in mind, the video will start playing immediately, but you can’t jump to a section that hasn’t downloaded yet.  If you want to be able to scroll through the whole video, start playing it, hit the pause button and wait for the progress bar to fully download the video.

Segment Time Marker
Clients First Overview 0:00
CFBS Blog information and product update 4.4.1 2:36
What’s new in Version 4.4 Begin:
Purchase Order, Inventory Management and Bill of Materials Demo 27:30
Migration, customer number and item number expansions with related demos 42:30
New Dashboards and Business Insights Explorer Views 59:00
New Customizer and Scripting overview and demo 64:00
Purchase Agent Add-On 93:25
Offsite cloud backup solution 106:00